152 Dixon Street, Masterton 5810





May/June Sailor Beware
(First production in Harlequin Theatre)
Nancy McGiure
July Waiting for Gillian Maggie Robinson
August 3 One Act Plays
October One Wild Oat Phyllis Leitch
March Revue – March Airs Ian Morton
April All for Mary Geraldine Inder
July Relative Values Olive Simpson
August 3 One Act Plays
October Hot Summer Night Nancy McGiure
Nov/December Love in a Mist Maggie Robinson
April Four in Hand Gordon Lee & Shirley Brady
May/June Night Must Fall Nancy McGiure
August 3 One Act Plays
Sept/October Bonaventure Nigella Cameron
November Man for the Job Phyl Daniell
April Shifting Heart
(Placed 3rd in New Zealand wide full length play festival, section A)
Nancy McGiure
June Wanted One Body Maggie Robinson
October The More the Merrier Phyl Daniell
November The Sound of Murder Olive Simpson
March Many Faces of Love Nancy McGiure & Jas. Mason Price
April Breath of Spring Nigella Cameron
May/June Wild Goose Chase Maggie Robinson
July Trio – 3 One Act Palys
September Death of a Salesman Nancy McGiure
November Wild Oats Shirley Brady
March The Bride and the Bachelor Margaret Robinson
May The Diary of Anne Frank Nigella Cameron
July Your Obedient Servant Jim Hudson
September East Lynne
(Drama Council Tutor)
Barbara Knight & Alan Wilson
November Isn’t Life Dull Gwen Perry
April Hobsons Choice Nancy McGiure
June Spell of Virtue Nigella Cameron
September So Many Children Jim Hudson
November Blithe Spirit
(Paid Drama Council Tutors)
Antony & Joanna Groser
March Ghosts and Old Gold Nancy McGiure
May/June Chalk Garden David Pettey-Jones
July/August Fry – A Phoenix Too Frequent and Sleep of Prisoners Margaret Robinson
Sept/October The Importance of Being Ernest Peter Tullock
November The Lovebirds Nigella Cameron
March Mary, Mary Phyl Daniell
May The Promise Maggie Robinson
Sept/October Bell, Book and Candle Nigella Cameron
October End of the Golden Weather Bruce Mason
November Laughter in the Dark David Pettey- Jones


March 3 One Act Plays
May Woman in a Dressing Gown Nancy McGiure
July/August Barefoot in the Park Nigella Cameron
September The Whole Truth Jim Hudson
Nov/December Love’s a Luxury Barbara Knight
March Letter from the General Jim Hudson
May Double Yolk Margaret Robinson
July The Matchmaker
with Bob Murrey. Theatre Federation Tutor
Anne Hinch, Evelyn Knight,Doug Turner
Sept/October Pygmalion Nigella Cameron
Nov/December I’ll Get My Man Phyl Daniell
March Halfway up the Tree Nancy Mcgiure
May Conversations with a Golliwog Anne Hinch
July Critics Choice Barbara Knight
Sept/October Boeing – Boeing Nancy Harvey
Nov/December Pickle in Paradise Nigella Cameron
April/May Rosencrantz & Guildenstein
(Upgrading because of new Fire Regulations)
Marilyn Bouzaid
July Come Blow Your Horn Barbara Knight
Sept/October Wait Until Dark Nigella Cameron
December Every Other Evening Phyl Daniell
March/April Sgt. Musgraves Dance David Balfour
June The Fourposter Nancy Harvey
August The Miracle Worker Nigella Cameron
November She’s Done it Again Barbara Knight
March A Man for All Seasons Maggie Robinson
June The Real Inspector Hound
With Noah
Jill Nelson
Makora College
September The Owl and the Pussycat Di Purvis
November Move Over Mrs Markham Di Purvis
December Red Shoes (Junior Theatre) Di Purvis
May/June Intent to Murder Diana Purvis
Oct/November To Dorothy a Son Maggie Robinson
December The Sea King’s Daughter
(Junior Theatre)
Di Purvis & Barbara Vinten
June/July The Troubadour
(Author M. Robinson. Wesley Wine Arts Centre, Masterton Borough Centenary)
Pat McCallum
August Hans the Witch (Junior Theatre) Barbara Vinten
October If I bought her the Wool Stagecraft Wellington
December Rattle of a Simple Man Doug Turner
April Gaslight Diana Purvis
July One Acts Schools and Junior Theatre
August The Incredible Vanishing
(Junior Theatre)
Barbara Vinten
Sept/October Butterflies are Free Nigella Cameron
November A Christmas Carol George Groom-Bridge & Ian Masters
March/April The Crucible Nigella Cameron
May Fergie the Ferret (Junior Theatre) Barbara Vinten
June/July The Barrier ( One Act Festival) Olive Simpson
Oct/ November Habeus Corpus Nigella Cameron
December Dandelion Time Barbara Knight


April Glide Time Olive Simpson
June His, Hers, Theirs Maggie Robinson
November Prisoners of Mother England Nigella Cameron
April Caught on the Hop Nancy McGiure
June Bitter Sanctuary Marilyn Bouzaid
July/August 3 One Act Plays
Sept/October There Goes the Bride Olive Simpson
November Blue Bird Nigella Cameron
March/April Dangerous Corner Tim Clarke
June Look Back in Anger Keith Busch
August I am a Camera Jill Nelson
October Middle Age Spread Olive Simpson
December Something’s Afoot
(21st Anniversary)
Marilyn Bouzaid
March Harvey Nancy McGiure
May Confusions Diana Keay
July Awful Knawful (Junior Theatre) Barbara Vinten
Sept/October Not Now Darling Nigella Cameron
December A Night at the Races Marilyn Bouzaid
March Hans the Witch etc; (Junior Theatre) Barbara Vinten
May/June Absurd Person Singular Tim Clarke
August Farndale Housing Estate Diana Keay
October Bedroom Farce Nigella Cameron
December Package Deal Marilyn Bouzaid
March The Glass Menagerie Nancy McGiure
June Hot Water Diana Keay
July/August 3 One Act Plays
September Dead and Alive Tim Clarke
Nov/December Don’t Just Lie there say Something Nigella Cameron
March Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
(Junior Theatre)
Barbara Vinten
May Under Milkwood Marilyn Bouzaid
July Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay Barbara Knight
Sept/ October Don’t Start Without Me Judy Cundy
December Urge Diana Keay
April All My Sons Nancy McGiure
July Lysistratee ( D.Files translation) Timothy Clarke
September Love from Liz Judy Cundy
December The Course Acting Show Marilyn Bouzaid
April The Great Cross Country Race
(Hare & Tortoise)
Robyn Hamilton & Chris Mills
July A Golden Fleecing Diana Keay
Sept/October Caravan Barbara Knight
March Whodunnit Barbara Vinten
June Outside Edge Diana Keay
July/August Emil and the Detectives Judy Cundy
August Theatre Sports
December Noises Off Nigella Cameron


March Therese Regain Chris Mills
June/July The Haunting of Hogwash Farm
The Planets of NO Salmagundi
Len Ledbeter
Helen Green
Barry Stroud
September How the other half Loves Barbara Vinten
December The Share Club Diana Keay
March A Bedful of Foreigners Judy Cundy
June The Phantom Tollbooth
Theatre Sports
Barbara Vinton
September Deathtrap Chris Mills
Nov/December The House of Frankenstein Jill Nelson
March Love Affair Diana Keay & Liz Currall
June Social Security (NZ Premiere) Barbara Vinten
August The Seven Golden Dragons
(Junior Theatre)
Barbara Vinten
October A Night on the Tiles Barbara Knight
December The Third Great Coarse Acting Show Marilyn Bouzaid
March Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Timothy Clarke
May Do Not Disturb Liz Currall
June/July Bug Eyed Looney Barbara Vunten
July Theatre Sports
October The Aspen Papers Nigella Cameron
December Blithe Spirit Bill Vinten
March Charley’s Aunt Timothy Clarke
May Bone Chiller Jill Nelson
June Mr Macaroni & the Exploding
Pizza Pie (Junior Theatre)
Barbara Vinten
August No Sex Please we’re British Chris Mills
December Bullshot Crummond Marilyn Bouzaid
March Party Piece (NZ Premiere) Diana Keay
June Extremities Barbara Knight
June Awful Knawful & The Stolen
Prince (Junior Theatre)
Barbara Vinten
July Tell me on a Sunday Chris Mills
July Theatre Sports
August Hay Fever Bill Vinten
December A Christmas Carol Nigella Cameron
February/March The Learners Stand Bill Vinten
May/June Run for your Wife Chris Mills
August Theatre Sports
September Time of my Life Jill Nelson
December ‘Allo Allo Barbara Vinten
March Social Climbers Richard Brooks
June A Month of Sundays Barbara Knight
Aug Theatre Sports
Unique 9 Medley of Skits
Written & performed by Junior Harlequin
Lorraine McDonald & Georgina Hutchings
Sept/October Pardon Me Prime Minister Bill Vinten
December Arsenic and Old Lace Diana Keay
March The Weekend Barbara Knight
May Dancing at Lughnasa Nigella Cameron
July The Lion, the Witch and the
Wardrobe (Junior Theatre)
Lorraine Mc Donald
August Theatre Sports
Sept/October The Woman in Black Chris Mills
December Kindly Leave the Stage Jill Nelson
March The Farm Bill Vinten
May The Mother Tongue George Webby
July Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
(Junior Theatre)
Lorraine McDonald
August Theatre Sports
September Ophelia Thinks Harder Richard Brooks
December Dirty Weekends Marilyn Bouzaid


April Don’t Dress for Dinner Barbara Vinten
June Educating Rita Jill Nelson
July The Secret Garden (Junior Theatre) Lorraine McDonald
Aug Theatre Sports
Sept/October Funny Money Bill Vinten
December Joyful and Triumphant Michael Wilson
March/April The Odd Couple Nigella Cameron
June Play On Jill Nelson
July A Little Princess (Junior Theatre) Lorraine McDonald
July/August Theatre Sports
September Shop Till you Drop Richard Brooks
December Coarse Acting Strikes Back Marilyn Bouzaid
March Caravan Barbara Knight
April Star & Garter Players Music Hall Wellington
June Steel Magnolias
Theatre Sports
Ann Easthope
July OZ (Junior Harlequin) Lorraine McDonald
September Anybody for Murder Bill Vinten
December Take A Chance on Me Bill Vinten
March Gasping John Mabey
May Twelve Angry Men Graeme Burnard
July The Enchartment of Beauty &
The Beast (Junior Theatre)
Lorraine McDonald
September Theatre Sports
Via Satellite
Michael Wilson
November Sing On Jill Nelson
March It’s My Party and I’ll Die if
I Want To
Barbara Knight
June Nobody’s Perfect Bill Vinten
September Secret Bridesmaid’s Business Anna Easthope
October Lashings of Whipped Cream
November The White Cat a Pantomime Lynn Bushell
July The Railway Children( Junior Theatre) Lorraine McDonald
August Theatre Sports
Sept/October Ladies Who Lunch Graeme Burnard
December Are You Being Served? Lorraine McDonald
March One Act Plays
Castlepoint Dreaming
The Extraordinary Revelations of Orcar the Goldfish
Owen Winter
Anne Easthope
May Ghost Writer Lynn Bushell
June Glistening Waters Festival of Storytelling
July laddin and His Wonderful
Magical Lamp (Junior Theatre)
Lorraine McDonald
December Spreading Out Maria Hinton
June/July Trap for a Lonely Man Colin Palmer
Sept/October Father’s Day (NZ Premiere) Ray Coats
December They Came from Mars Janet Osborne
April/May Olivia (Junior Theatre) Lorraine McDonald
June/July Stiff Richard Brooks
August Snake in the Grass Diana Boulton
November Shirley Valentine (Foyer) Deb Keats
December Are You Being Served? Lorraine McDonald
February The Reading of the Will Colin Plamer
April Charlotte’s Web (Junior Theatre) Lorraine McDonald
July Home Land Richard Brooks
September Exorcism Margaret Jesson
November Mystery Auction (Foyer)


March The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Maria Hinton
April/May My Brilliant Divorce (Foyer) Diana Boulton
May Scottish Musicians (Foyer)
June Sex, Drugs & Rick-n-Noel Diana Boulton
July Theatre Sports
August Afternoon Tea Party Maria Hinton
September Murder Mystery (Foyer)
Music Duo (Foyer)
Norfolk Island Plays
Last Tango in Little Grimley
Alas Poor Fred
Barbara KnightMaria Hinton
Jill Thompson
October Toad of Toad Hall (Junior Theatre)
Beyondesemble (Foyer)
Hettie Arends
December Four Flat Whites in Italy Marilyn Bouzaid
March Deckchairs (5 Playlets)
Short Changed
Early Blight
Theatrical Digs
Diana Boulton
January Murder Mystery(Foyer)
March 39 Steps Richard Brooks
April Play Writing Workshop Roger Hall
June Annual Theatre Sports Competition
July James and the Giant Peach(Junior Theatre) Jon Samia
September A Toe in the Water John Mabey
December Understanding Women Maria Hinton
January Murder Mystery Dinner
March Absent friends Marilyn Bouzaid
August Bungling Burglers (Junior Theatre) John Mabey
September Bloody Murder Graeme Burnard
December The Old people are Revolting Mark Hinton
March Peninsula Richard Brooks
July Murder Mystery Dinner
September Little Red Rocking Hood (Junior Harlequin) John Mabey
December Treasure Island Maria Hinton
April Oh What A Lovely War Marilyn Bouzaid
July Deck Chairs Maria Hinton
December T’was the Fight Before Xmas Carol Buck
May Motel Rita-Ann Penhale-Cashmore
September Taming of the Shrew Marilyn Bouzaid
December Deadly Glitz and Glam John Mabey & Linda Voice
March Blind Eye Maria Hinton