152 Dixon Street, Masterton 5810




Carol Buck President
Lynn Bushell Treasurer
John Mabey Secretary
Ashley Rogers Theatre Manager
Linda Voice Committee
Michael Eckford Committee
Margaret Jenson Committee
Rita Ann Penhale-Cashmore Committee
Marilyn Bouzaid Committee


Non-Committee Officals

Dame Kate Harcourt Patron
Diana Boulton Librarian/Archivist
Hal Morgan Maintenance
Maria Hinton Junior Harlequin Administrator
Richard Brooks Theatre Sports Manager
Scott Neilsen Website Manager and IT


Contact us:

E-Mail harlequintheatre61@gmail.com

Carol Buck 021 043 1072
Ashley Rogers 027 716 0325

The committee meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Green Room at Harlequin Theatre at 7pm